Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Well I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve posted on the blog.
It is not because things have been dull and boring but rather extremely
busy, as usual!

Cria season last year went extremely well with the only exception of the
cria that needed resuscitation and Mom's prolapsed uterus. (see blog posted
dated July 09 for details). I’m happy to report that mom healed very
nicely and an ultrasound performed 3 months later confirmed she was ready
to re-breed. Hopefully this pregnancy will go much more smoothly.
The total cria count was 12 with an even split of males and females. In the next few weeks we will getting pictures up online of all the new animals, we will certainly keep you posted!

This winter was especially long and cold this year. Taking much more of a
toll on the two legged caretakers than the animals themselves. They are
all watching the grass grow and can’t wait to get on green pastures.

Lambing season began in Jan. and they all waited for the coldest days to
deliver. Mom’s and babies did very well despite the cold temps. It is
amazing how hardy lambs are. Of course they were all secure in a barn and
lambs were dressed with alpaca coats.

We have added two new alpacas to the herd. Gold Medalist, a 2 year old fawn
male from New York and Liza Jane, a 2 year old medium brown female also
from New York. We are excited to add these genetics to our herd. GM
already has some babies on the way so we can’t wait to see what he can