Saturday, April 28, 2007

We had a baby today but it is not an Alpaca!

We are still on cria watch and as I said in the beginning a "watched pot never boils" boy isn't that the truth. The interesting thing is the pot that I wasn't watching had a baby today, a chinchilla baby! One year ago we bought a young pair of chinchilla's as pets for my daughter and the whole family has enjoyed them. They are easy to care for and very friendly. Well this winter we had a accident and lost our male "chin". I apparently did not latch the cage well and we had all gone out to dinner only to return and found my male golden "Spencer" had been playing with them as if they were tennis balls. The male had died from stress and the female would have died if we didn't come home when we did. I felt horrible about it and we had planned on getting her another companion. So it was an extra special surprise that she gave birth today and the baby has the same smokey gray color as the father.

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