Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Neglected Blog

How fast does time fly?

Quick apology to all those who read this religiously, it seems a few months have come and gone without updates from the Farm. We just have been incredibly busy over the last several months and this blog slipped below the radar.

Golden Touch Farms is in the process of opening up an online farm store, Golden Touch Naturals that will feature a variety of U.S. made Alpaca Products, Organic All Natural Health and Beauty products, local art and many other one of a kind items. We also will be selling our alpaca goods in several different Retail stores across Southeastern Massachusetts. Stay tuned for a store listing near you.

When we aren't turning the barn into a nursery for this years batch of baby lambs, we will be migrating our website and blog over to the new online store and farm website. I will keep this blog up as a living history of the last year or so, but all new business and news will be on the new platform.

Quick Note: We will be at Partner's Village Store in Westport, MA this Saturday (the 26th) from 11 to 2 to discuss Alpacas, their Fiber, and the finished products made from them. We would love for anyone interested in the farm or products to swing through.

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