Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worst Kind of Weather

New England has certainly had it's fair share of horrible Weather over the last week. Between the freezing rains, the ice storms, and now the snow that has gone through much of the area, many people are still without power and the rest of us are looking for new and innovative ways to stay warm and dry. 

Living in a Coastal Town on the Southeast coast of New England, we tend to get more Rain and Freezing Rain while the rest of the area gets snow. This is a blessing and a curse, but truthfully I would rather shovel snow a few times a year than slip around in the mud all winter. Since we started shooting Video of our farm, I always tend to warm up after finishing up my chores with a cup of coffee and a clip from the summer. Today, I warmed up to one of my favorite humming bird videos, "The Swarm!". Check it out below!



The Swarm! from goldentouchfarm on Vimeo.

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