Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Quick update on all things big and small!

Well we will start with the smallest of new things on the farm which is the hummingbirds. Last Sunday was our first sighting of these wonderful little critters and I have counted four different males and today we spotted our first female. Within a couple of weeks I'm sure this place will be "humming" with them.

The new baby chinchilla is doing fantastic, mom is taking great care of him. Yes, he is a boy and I haven't thought of a name for him yet but once I do I'll be sure to pass it on. I only pick him up once a day just to check him out and make sure all is well. It is not good to over handle them when they are new born. Mom doesn't seem to mind it at all, she has been handled quite a bit herself so I'm sure she knows I am no threat.

Tee-Tee's pregnancy is still holding on and she gets more grumpy with each passing day. Her official due date is 5/10/07 and she usually goes 7 days prior so that would bring us to tomorrow. We will see if she holds true to form.

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