Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hold your head high!

I'm extremely happy to report Nayla's cria is doing fantastic. He now holds his head without difficulty and is running around like there was never an issue. It is a great feeling to watch him run and play, it's so great that I have trouble getting other stuff done because I just want to be at the barn and enjoy him. I am still getting up once during the night to go out and do a check, not that he really needs it. I know if I didn't I wouldn't get a good night sleep because I would be wondering if he was okay. When you work so hard at something its hard to let go because you don't want to have the slightest set back. So until I know that I can get a good nights sleep without making a trip to the barn then I will continue to do so.
Today we will both hold our heads high!

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