Friday, June 8, 2007

Interest in Birds????

Feeding Frenzy from goldentouch on Vimeo

Well we have certainly had an interesting week when it comes to bird watching on the farm. We had a wild tom turkey hanging around the back fields. I've tried to get close enough to him to get a picture but he is just too smart for me. I have seen turkeys pass through before but he has been hanging out for a whole week and I hear him every day early in the morning and later in the early evening.
We were also visited by a Yellow Warbler, he was gracefully singing on a Spirea Bush close to the house. He was also using the hummingbird feeder as a perch. They are a beautiful bright yellow with rusty streaks on their breast. Absolutely beautiful!
The other interesting visitor was a Great Crested Flycatcher. He has been spotted by the pond close to the house and after doing some research they usually stay in the woodlands and are more often heard than seen. I have spotted his twice this week. He is a rather large bird about 9"and has a gray throat with a yellow belly. His beak is also broad and long. They also use snakeskins in their nest lining.

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deb885 said...

Love your video it is awesome I to have a great love for hummingbirds. Keep up the great work