Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rainy days!!

The rain today is such a welcome sight (for most of us). For all farmers hoping to get a good second cut hay, the rain is a must. Second cut hay is like green gold for farmers, it is what we all want to fill our barns with for winter. First cutting is much more coarse and for picky alpacas with a soft palate there tends to be more waste. This rain today is great because it will really soak into the ground. When you only have a brief heavy down pour from a passing thunderstorm most of the water runs off offering little relief to growing crops.
When I say the rain was a welcome site for most of us, it wasn't for my spring cria. The four boys (Storm, Blizzard, Ice, and Slide) were laying in the barn with their heads hanging out the door way. They looked like children who were just told that they couldn't go out and play.

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