Friday, July 6, 2007

Shearing season ends with great excitment!

For the last 4 years Chris and I have sheared our own alpacas with Chris being the master shearer. I have been the assistant and handled all of the husbandry needs such as vaccines, nail trimming, worming injections, and teeth trimming. Our complimentary skills have made us a great team. I have always wanted to be able to shear with the confidence and skill that Chris has mastered but every time I picked up the shears I felt like I had a lethal weapon in my hand and was always happy to hand them back to Chris to let him finish the job.
Well this year things were different, when I picked up the shears they no longer felt like a lethal weapon. They actually felt comfortable in my hand and I was also confident with the alpacas anatomy. I sheared my first alpaca in record time with minimal second cuts (fiber that is). This was a great milestone for me and I look forward to shearing season next year as we plan on both shearing at the same time. Looks like it could get a little competitive.

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