Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Introducing Bittersweet Annie

Bittersweet Annie's arrival on Sept. 30, 07

The last few days have certainly been an emotional roller coaster. It all began with a very hectic schedule over the weekend, we had an information booth for the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool at the Big E and a wedding in Boston on Saturday night. We planned on driving up to Springfield early Saturday morning and run the booth until 2:00p.m. run to the hotel to change and then dash to Boston for a 6:00 wedding. After the wedding we drove back to Springfield and planned to run the booth all day then break down and return home Sunday evening. All was going as planned and running smoothly until my cell phone ran at 6:30a.m. Sunday morning. I knew immediately something was going on. I quickly learned we had a new baby born and she was already dry and sitting in a cushed position. There was only one problem, she was laying in between my two pregnant dams and there was a little bit of confusion on who the mother was. Both of these pregnant girls were first time moms so just picking up the baby and see which dam follows you wasn't working. After several phone calls back and forth it was determined to be Splash's baby. They were put into a stall in the barn to have some quiet bonding time and to be monitored to be sure the cria was nursing. Several hours had passed and the cria still was not nursing, not that she didn't want to, her mom was just not cooperating. New moms can be like that the first few days. Of course I was anxious to get home to meet my new cria and help with the nursing situation. I know the family members at home couldn't wait for me to get home either. I had them give her some powdered colostrum to hold her over until I got home. Everyone here at the farm did a fantastic job over seeing things for me. They kept me in the loop at all times and dedicated their day keeping watch. Thank you!!!
Annie weighed in at a bouncing 14 lb 8 0z. She is still be supplemented with a bottle but is doing quite well.

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