Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Sweet Annie" update!

Annie and Mom are doing just great! Mom is very attentive over her expect in the nursing dept. She loves being with her and when I take her out to put her on the scale mom is not happy but she is not crazy about her nursing either. Interesting situation! I think part of the problem is she is a first time mom, secondly there was so much confusion the day she delivered and the day after with Cocoa Pebbles (who just happens to be her best friend). She is probably talking to Cocoa Pebbles saying if you let her nurse off you then I will keep an eye on her.
We will continue to work on it and see what happens, but in the mean time Annie is being supplemented and thats okay too. At every feeding she is put on mom and then given a bottle to top her off. It is not that Mom doesn't have any milk, she has plenty she is just not very patient.
Today Annie weighed in at 16 lbs. not a huge weight gain but gaining and that is the most important. She is very alert and active and as sweet as they come.

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